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Guide on Common Gunpla Grades

Each kit is assigned a Grade by Bandai (the manufacturer) according to its level of aesthetic detail, functionality of the parts and overall size. 

In this guide we will cover the Grades that are most commonly available.



  1. HG (High Grade)
  2. RG (Real Grade)
  3. MG (Master Grade)
  4. PG (Perfect Grade)


HG (High Grade)

High Grade kits are the most common, have the largest selection, are cost effective and beginner friendly. Size varies, but High Grades are typically around 5 to 6 inches tall. Some can be smaller going a little bit below the 5 inch range. If you are new to Gunpla or prefer a more casual build, High Grades are a great choice. High Grades are usually 1/144 scale.


RG (Real Grade)

Real Grade kits are generally about the same size as High Grades, but are more detailed, include more parts and have enhanced joint movements. A key RG feature is the internal skeleton, which is constructed first before adding on the outside armor pieces. Real Grades are usually 1/144 scale.


MG (Master Grade)

Master Grade kits are a favorite in the community for their size, detail and functionality. These models are bigger than HG and RG kits, usually standing about 7 to 9 inches tall, and most feature an internal skeleton as well as a mini-figure of the pilot. Because of the larger size, designers are able to include more functioning parts such as sliding/opening cockpits and full finger movements. Master Grades are usually 1/100 scale.


PG (Perfect Grade)

Perfect Grades are the largest and most accurately detailed. Building a PG kit takes time and patience and it is recommended to have prior Gunpla experience. Perfect Grades are usually 1/60 scale. 


Other Grades 

Those are the commonly available Grades you would typically choose from. There are additional Grades such as SD, RE 1/100 and Full Mechanics, which you can read about here by Gunpla 101.


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