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RE/100 Gundam Lindwurm 1/100 Scale Model Kit

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This is a model kit that requires assembly. No glue required. Pieces snap together.


  • This is a Premium Bandai kit. These kits are typically special editions of existing models with alternate colors/finishes or bonus parts or are models that are exclusive to the Premium Bandai line up. 


  • RE/100 stands for Reborn-One Hundred and is a line of Gundam model kits that are essentially simplified Master Grade kits. Like MG kits, they feature a high level of outward detail, but the the key difference is that most RE/100 kits don't require the builder to assemble a full inner frame, which is the skeleton inside all of the armor.



Tools Required: Nippers

Grade: RE/100 1/100 Scale

Difficulty: Normal


Note: Product photos are professionally built/detailed and may include additional components, such as action base stands, that are sold separately.